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Fernand Roux creates the company in 1940, the name ALROC meaning « aluminum hard as a rock ».

Since this time, the company launch itself in the fabrication of acetylene lamps and kitchen tools. From 1940, Fernand Roux undertakes the study of the 1st wheel in aluminum alloy, and he designed the monobloc wheel at the same time as pulleys for electric motors and machines which make him quit the automobile market to focus on handling the wheel.

In 1963, his son Robert took over the familial company before being joined in 1975 by his two sons, Didier and Thierry, before the first one took over in 1994.

Since 1980, ALROC develop a range of machine and tools used to strip cables. This range allows the company to obtain two very prestigious awards: 1st prize LEPINE (Paris) and 1st World prize of invention (Brussels).

In 2011, ALROC integrates SIBILLE FAMECA ELECTRIC’s group, a major player in the marketing of prevention materials, electrical construction materials and network management risks.

As of today, ALROC, it’s a 30 people staff for an annual turnover of more than 5M€ and a leading company on the market of wheel and rim in Alpax.

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